Over The Counter Sleep Aids

over the counter Natural sleep aids are an excellent tool in the fight to cure insomnia

Using Over the Counter Sleep Aids to Fight Insomnia

Do you find yourself laying awake at night, particularly after a rough day? Have you caught yourself looking up the definition of insomnia?

Does laying awake while hearing the clock tick stress you out, but the thought of taking unproven, over the counter sleep aids make you even more stressed?

We understand and it's okay. You can relax now.

SynthaSleep is an over the counter all natural sleep aid that contains a precise blend of high-quality, 100% natural ingredients.
It's one of the only natural sleep aids that helps decrease stress, while improving your sleep quality and mental clarity.

warning signs of insomnia - before taking SynthaSleep

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Not all Over the Counter Sleep Aids are Created Equally...

SynthaSleep is an all-natural sleep aid that’s way better for you, and much more effective, than other OTC sleeping pills, many of which contain chemicals like doxylamine.
SynthaSleep is the best over the counter sleep aid because it has been proven to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep, all while maximizing the quality of sleep you're getting and unlike other over the counter sleep aids, SynthaSleep won't make you feel drowsy, foggy or give you a "sleep hangover". You'll wake up feeling energized and healthy, ready to tackle your day with a clear mind.
Backed by its scientifically proven ingredients, SynthaSleep ensures quality sleep and increases brain health. SynthaSleep reduces, stress, anxiety and give you better sleep.

100% All Natural Sleep Aids

Valerian Root - one of the best natural sleep aids

Synthasleep is one of the few natural cures for insomnia that has proven to be effective.
Most over the counter sleep aids contain ingredients that can form tolerance, meaning if you take them over long periods of time, they’re less likely to do their job.
But Synthasleep is different. It’s one of the few natural sleep aids containing 100% natural mind-soothing nutrients, such as valerian root and melatonin. SynthaSleep is made of 100%% safe, all natural, and scientifically-backed ingredients. 
Better than doxylamine, this natural sleeping pill could help you drift off to sleep the moment you lie down and close your eyes.
Formulated to be better than doxylamine and safe for ages 18 and up, there are no known side effects that you usually experience with other insomnia cures or sleeping pills and unlike other insomnia cures, Synthasleep will help you feel rested, refreshed and productive the next day.

Money-Back Guarantee

SynthaSleep is one of the only over the counter sleep aids that offers a money-back guarantee, and one of the only natural sleep aids that is certified cGMP by the FDA.
Not many other brands can say that, but we can.
Additionally, SynthaSleep is made in the USA to ensure that you’re getting authentic sleeping pills. If you're not 100% satisfied with SynthaSleep, we'll give you a full refund. 
That's how confident we are in our product, and we know you will be too.
So, if you’ve been counting sheep, but sleep is still evasive,
better try this over the counter natural sleep aid that won’t wake you up at night for no apparent reason.